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51Testing | Software Testing Service Provider |Thursday, 19th Nov. 2020

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After the rapid growth in previous years, the mobile game market has already bid farewell to the shoddy era. Game bugs, crashes, and flashbacks are always hurting the player’s gaming experience, therefore, the exquisite mobile game has become an inevitable trend, and it is a natural choice for users after a constant trial in shoddy games. To provide a perfect gaming experience for players, mobile game developers need to adjust in repeated tests and sum up their own “success formula”.

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Three major testing obstacles stagnate 70% of mobile game developers.

  • There are still many bugs after the test

The game developers put a lot of effort into the development for half a year, however, a large number of players left because of various bugs.

The fierce competition of new emerging, sharp increment of player introduction costs, and higher requirements of the quality of games make it difficult to retent the player and get profit.

  • High test cost

The purchasing cost is too high because of the fragmented terminals while the labor and time price are also expensive because of the long term of the project.

Assuming that a mobile game developer needs 300 terminals, each with an average price of 300 USD, the total cost is as high as 90,000 USD. If we need 300 phones to test a game for 20 minutes each time, then it takes 12.5 days to test a game. According to relevant data, it shows that the depreciation rate of mobile phones purchased by mobile game developers is as high as 38%, and the loss rate is also abnormally high.

  • Recruitment is a nightmare

For any mobile game developer, there are two extremely troublesome problems which are volatile demand and insistent demand. The tester numbers required are diverse for each project. Different projects have different professional requirements of testers which leads to the increment of level matching difficulty. Therefore, recruitment becomes a nightmare for project manager.

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51Testing: mobile game developer “Lilith Games” testing partner

Lilith Games, founded by internationally renowned VC-IDG Capital in March 2013, is a mobile game company that focuses on research and development of mobile games. Owning several self-developed games and agency games, it is committed to developing World-class mobile games, creating an unprecedented gaming experience for players all over the world.

51Testing is a long-term partner of Lilith Games, providing it with flexible and efficient testing services on a man-day basis. The service includes functional testing, compatibility testing, channel testing, internationalization testing, etc., currently participating in the Two key game projects “Sky Adventure” and “Art of Conquest”.

51Testing helped Lilith Games find more potential problems by using automation testing technology in a money-saving, labor-saving, time-saving and efficient way to improve user experience, enhance user retention and stickiness, and improve product competitiveness.

Start from the completion of development, 51Testing provided testing services covering the entire life of Lilith mobile games including key functions guarantee, internal testing, compatibility testing, anti-stress acceptance, product release, performance tracking, and new iterations. The services provided by 51Testing for Lilith Games are 24 hours per day which helps to guarantee the quality of “Sky Adventure” and “Art of Conquest”.




51Testing provides professional software testing services certificated by ISO9001:2008, ISO27001, ISO20000, and CMMI4.