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Nowadays, notebooks are diversifying into different trends according to their uses. Netbooks tend to be used for daily office work and movies. Business notebooks tend to be more stable and lower power consumption for longer battery life. Household notebooks have good performance and high-cost performance. Game notebooks, with an enthusiast-level configuration and high entertainment experience, are specially designed to cater to a small number of people going out to play games. Users often define quality as the value of the product regardless of the type of laptop. While for manufacturers, quality is the first competitiveness which is the key to consolidating and increasing the brand’s market share.

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About LCFC

LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is the largest global R&D and manufacturing base of Lenovo. Possessing the world’s largest single-unit plant of 170,000 square meters in PC manufacturing and the industry-leading mainboard and complete production line, its annual production capacity achieves 30 million units. The main products include Lenovo and ThinkPad series notebook, tablet, and mainboards. For every new 8 units sold worldwide, 1 unit comes from LCFC. So far, more than 120 million units have been shipped.

About Lenovo notebooks

Lenovo notebooks, whether it is the ThinkPad series for business groups or the IdeaPad series for mass consumers, are well-known at home and abroad. With the increasingly fierce competition in the notebook market, LCFC has sincerely cooperated with hundreds of suppliers around the world to meet the customized requirements of various clients. Keep increasing research and development investment to strive for product quality for ensuring a better experience for users.

What are the pain points?

  • High-end intelligent manufacturing products require high testing standards and strict requirements

LCFC builds a quality management system, with far higher standards than the industry’s, for the entire life cycle of products to ensure product quality. Before the product goes on the market, simulating the usage habits and application scenarios of different users to conduct an average of more than 1,000 functional tests. While for stringent military standard tests, LCFC can complete 9 items. LCFC Luzhou Laboratory has been certified by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), and its test results have achieved mutual recognition with 35 quality management systems and 54 authoritative laboratories worldwide.

Therefore, most testing institutions in the market can NOT meet the testing needs of LCFC.

  • Large fluctuations in personnel during the test cycle and high labor costs

Laptop testing is a long-term project. The peaks and troughs of personnel requirements vary greatly during the test cycle. Building an in-house testing team is very expensive, and they also need experienced testing experts to lead the team.

  • Differences in projects result in difficulty of building a team

Notebooks are high-end intelligent products, which means that testing needs different test engineers of different businesses, different levels, and different techniques. At the same time, Lenovo notebooks are sold globally, and the test cases are not only in Chinese but also in English, Japanese, German and other languages. Therefore, not only do testers have a certain professional background and testability in electronic information, but also a certain level of foreign language reading and writing.

51Testing-software testing service provider

Taking into account factors such as labor budget, strict testing requirements, cost, testing cycle and other factors, LCFC decided to outsource the project to a professional testing institution. After taking market research, technical communication, and internal discussion, LCFC finally chose 51Testing to provide offshore testing services.

After conducting many business and technical exchanges, LCFC visited 51Testing headquarters for field investigations. The strong strength in testing and the good market reputation helped 51Testing won the opportunity. In October 2017, 51Testing officially became the testing and certification service provider of LCFC.

What did 51Testing do for the project?

After receiving the assignment letter, 51Testing immediately organized a professional team including 2 project managers and 18 test engineers to carry out the project. Before implementation, the team has repeatedly communicated with LCFC about testing requirements, gotten familiar with the system and implementation requirement of each stage, and provided testing suggestions, as well as answering questions about them. After the customer’s approval, the team helped Lenovo laptops solve many potential problems in the most efficient way, and promptly reported back to the development team for repairs, until they finally met CNDA, CMMIT4 and other standards.

Know more about 51Testing

51Testing, with “professional testing, excellent quality” as the cornerstone of the brand, adhering to the value concept of “flexibility, efficiency, and low cost”, is committed to providing customers with the world’s leading one-stop software testing services.

Up to now, 51Testing has helped more than 700 customers in various fields such as IT Internet, e-commerce, games, finance, communications, real estate, logistics, catering, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., to effectively improve the user experience while also solving personnel requirements fluctuation problems, which improved the test efficiency and reduced the testing cost. 51Testing has been unanimously recognized by clients around the world.




51Testing provides professional software testing services certificated by ISO9001:2008, ISO27001, ISO20000, and CMMI4.