51Testing provided offshore testing services for online learning system

51Testing | 17 Years As A Software Testing Service Provider

Trusted by TKLAB Tech Education, 51Testing provided offshore testing services for its online learning system which covers different users, permissions and roles at the city, district, and school level.

51testing provide offshore testing service for online education system
51testing provided offshore testing service for online learning system

TKLAB Tech Education is an innovative high-tech company of the modernization and upgrading of the high school science experiment equipment and the construction of laboratories. The company aims at providing high-tech products serving daily experimental teaching, overall quality evaluation, and intelligent evaluation of experimental operation and providing a practical basis for the reform of national curriculum standards through the application of AI and DT in the education field.

Respond to the national education reform policy and upgrade the examination system, TKLAB Tech Education commissioned a third-party software company to develop a mutual assistance online education platform that integrates online examination, invigilation, and evaluation.

As an ed-tech company, it attaches great importance to the user experience of the system. Therefore, the testing in the real device of the system in computer, web browser, and mobile terminals become the top priority for the company. However, limited by its own testing ability, it’s hard for the company to perform professional, comprehensive and effective testing under the pressure of time to market.

Taking into account the short project period and the high personnel cost, the company decides to outsource the project to a professional company. After strict market research, technical communication, and internal discussion, the company finally choose 51Testing as its testing partner.

According to the project and the requirements from the client, 51Testing builds a service team in a short time, at the same time, works out a detailed plan. The flexible and experienced team helps TKLAB Tech Education to test and improve the system for a better and smoother user experience, and also greatly reduces the cost of testing for the customer.

Based on 51Testing’s 17 years of software testing experience, we provide professional and comprehensive offshore software testing service to help companies to reduce time to market, save testing costs, and ensure product quality. So far, 51Testing has been providing high-quality testing services and technical support for the industry of finance, telecommunication, gaming, e-commerce, real estate, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, intelligent city, computer, security management, and environmental protection device, etc.

51Testing provides professional software testing services certificated by ISO9001:2008, ISO27001, ISO20000, and CMMI4.