51testing provided offshore testing services for smart life integration platform — YIJU APP

2 min readApr 7, 2021

51Testing | 17 Years As A Software Testing Service Provider

Recently, 51Testing and YIJU Technology, a company providing smart life integration services, signed the offshore testing contract and 51Testing provided testing services for its APP.

51testing provided offshore testing services for smart life integration platform — YIJU APP
51testing provided offshore testing services for smart life integration platform — YIJU APP

About YIJU Technology

YIJU Technology is a state-owned holding internet company focusing on information technology services for the real estate industry. Oriented by governmental intelligent monitoring, the company devotes itself to the construction of an intelligent community.

Based on the development vision of “one platform, two terminals, three functions”, the company develops three core products of “YIJU intelligent property management platform”, “YIJU APP”, and “Official WeChat account of intelligent estate platform ”. At the same time, it conducts secondary development of related intelligent devices for an integrated community platform combining government affairs services, estate services, and proprietor services for creating an estate data center and an ecosphere that muti roles of the housing agency, communities, property enterprises, industry committee, and proprietor can interact and share information.

About Project

YIJU APP is an intelligent community service platform providing property services, door open with the mobile phone, visitors access, and more handy service for the public to make the community life more convenient and efficient. In 2019, the company developed an eCommerce system for the software that includes the frontstage and backstage. The frontstage system is user-oriented with the modules of products, users, shopping cart, promotions, orders, etc. The backstage system is used to manage and maintain the user and product information including admin information management, user information management, sales management, income statistics, permission setting, etc.

Testing demand

The company will launch YIJU APP soon, however, the lack of software testing personnel and testing tools make it difficult for the company to ensure the testing process and the result. Considering the short period of the project and the high personnel cost, the company decided to outsource the project to a professional agency. After the strict and comprehensive market research, technical communication, and internal discussion, YIJU Technology finally chose 51Testing as its software testing partner.


According to the demand of YIJU Technology, 51Testing built a testing team in a short time and formulated a detailed testing plan at the same time. The testing service provided by 51Testing helped YIJU Technology to optimize the APP and to provide a better and smoother user experience, and at the same time, to reduce the software testing cost for the company.

Thanks to the features of low cost and effectiveness, more and more companies choose offshore testing services. Based on the 17 years in software testing and testing experience for all industries, 51Testing can not only provide a professional and comprehensive one-stop offshore testing service, but also help companies to reduce time to market, save testing costs, and optimize their products.




51Testing provides professional software testing services certificated by ISO9001:2008, ISO27001, ISO20000, and CMMI4.