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The first two steps are very important because they will influence directly the result of the following steps. So before taking the third step, please check the test requirements research and test preparation are well carried out.

3. Test implementation

The test implementation stage is the stage in which test cases are executed, system processing capability index data is obtained, and performance test defects are found. During test execution, test scenarios or test scripts are executed with the help of test tools and various monitoring tools. After the execution is over, collect various result data for analysis. According to needs, system tuning and regression testing can be performed in the execution phase.

Focus on: result recording, test monitoring, result analysis

51Testing-software testing-performance testing

Key points description

  • Test implementation and result recording

There is a corresponding priority strategy in test implementation. According to the priority of the test case, the test case with a higher level should be executed first. During the testing process, the analysis of each test result is used to determine whether to repeat the current case or to execute a new test case; usually, if a bottleneck problem is found, it will immediately adjust and re-execute the test case until the current case passes.

In the implementation phase, the tests, analysis, tuning, and regression testing are more iterative. All implementation processes and results must be carefully recorded. The implementation result data is the main basis for analyzing the bottleneck.

  • Test monitoring

The test monitoring is performed synchronously with the test implementation. When the scene or script starts to execute, the monitoring program is started at the same time (you can use Nmon or the system command Top/Vmstat/Iostat, etc.).

  • Analysis of test results

We use the front-end performance test tool to display testing results and monitoring results, to do a comprehensive analysis of test problems that occurred during the test.

4. Test report

Write the performance test report after finishing the test. The performance test report needs to be reviewed before it is released.

51Testing-software testing-performance testing

Key points description

  • Report writing

The main content of the performance test report includes purpose, scope and method, environmental description, test result, result analysis, conclusions, and suggestions, etc.

  • Description of test results

The test results should reflect the execution process of the performance test. For example, in the capacity test results of the mixed scenario, the test results and monitoring results under each concurrent gradient need to be described; in the digital record, the decimal point is required to be accurate to 3 digits effective number.

  • Test defects and problems

In the performance test analysis report, the defects and problems found in the test process must be described, and the items that are confirmed to be test defects shall be subjected to risk assessment and risk reminders shall be given.

  • Final result analysis

The analysis of the final result of the test, the content of this part should be comprehensive, thorough, easy to understand, and more intuitively expressed through diagrams.

  • Test conclusion

The test conclusion is the content that the performance test analysis report must include. The conclusion of the test must clearly and accurately answer the various indicators described in the performance test requirements, and the test requirements must be fully covered.

5. Final conclusion

The summary of the performance test mainly summarizes the test process and test technology. The performance test has entered the summary stage, which also means that the performance test is coming to an end. At this stage, all important test assets should be archived carefully.

51Testing-software testing-performance testing

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