Exploratory Testing in Game Testing

Exploratory Testing in Game Testing

The Definition of Exploratory Testing

“ What is exploratory testing?

Guide Test Method

It is to review the functions strictly in accordance with the plan. This is the most basic and most important method.

Selling Point Test Method

This method is to encourage testers to watch the demo from the point of view of sales and understand the biggest selling point of the game. The selling point is not necessarily the core function of the game, but it must be given the same attention as the core function. For example, the biggest selling point of the mobile game “League of Goddess” is naturally the goddess, but the goddess is not the core function of the game, but auxiliary gameplay, but players are keen on this, it is very necessary to test more.

Landmark Test Method

The method is that if we want to go to a place, we usually set the flags representing the steps on the map, but no one stipulates where we should follow the steps. Since there are quite a lot of related functions in the game, the landmark test method can be said to be a very commonly used method when we test. For example, if the player kills a monster, the player will get +1 experience point(EXP). Will the player gain EXP by just hitting the last monster? Will the player gain experience point when the monster is killed while also dying?

Limit Test Method

Test the limit of the functional program. For example, one hundred players attacked a monster at the same time and check the result.

Late Night Test Method

This method is mainly used for some functions such as data backup and has little connection with game testing.

Museum Test Method

This method is used for long-term projects. Some old functions have been running normally. After new functions are released, whether the old functions are still normal.

Deep Alley Test Method

This method is mainly used for observing some points where no one pays attention, such as the function of HELP.

Overnight Test Method

This method is used to checking whether the function is normal when it runs continuously for a long time.

Long Path Test Method

Check the result that requires the most operation steps, and every step to reach this result.

Supermodel Test Method

You may think this method is not very useful at first glance, isn’t it just looking at the interface? I watch it every day. But in fact, it is different to look at the interface with the mentality of finding bugs. For example, I look at an enhanced interface every day, but until I plan to find bugs, I really discovered that the tabbed text on this interface is a few pixels crooked compared to the text on other tabs. This is what I haven’t noticed before. Interface in the game is a very important thing, so the use of supermodel testing is of great help to us.

Cancel Test Method

Close the operation interface, close the application, switch the line when the program is processing to check whether there is bugs.

Sluggard Test Method

Choose the most trouble-free step to achieve the result, and check whether the result is correct.

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Test Method

Keep repeating the operation to check whether the function responds normally. I think the most likely thing in the game is to use a mouse simulator to continuously click.



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