Four Python Automated Testing Frameworks You Should Know!

4 min readNov 5, 2020

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When the development team starts to develop a project, they have to build an automated testing framework for the project except for the module development of the project.

A testing framework should contain the best testing cases, assumptions, script, and technology to run each code and module to find out the defects and deficiencies. Differents testing cases, assumptions, and script are required for different projects which takes a lot of time for developments.

With the development of technology and the occurrence of automated technology, there is some automated framework in the market. You can use this framework to test any module of your project after adjusting specific testing applicability and efficiency parameters. These frameworks are stable because they are widely used, and help us to save time. Equipped with diverse test suites and technology, these frameworks can easily find out the tiny defects.

Robot Framework

51testing-Four Python automated testing frameworks you should know

Robot Framework is the most popular Python automated testing framework. It is completely developed by using Python, so it is very useful for acceptance testing. This framework can operate under Java and NET environment. What’s more, it supports cross platforms, for example, Windows, macOS, and Linus. Created by famous testers, this product provides a keyword-driven solution. Abundant available tools and libraries make this framework advanced and powerful.

It is an open-source framework with an API extension space. Tabular testing data grammar and keyword-driven solution make it very popular among the testers around the world. There is no doubt that it is the easiest automated testing framework and allows the tester to do a parallel test.


51Testing-Four Python automated testing frameworks you should know!

RedwoodHQ is a popular automated testing tool. Its population is due to the testing compliance of the most mainstream programming language, for example, Java, Python, and Likewise. There is a web-interface where multiple testers can coordinate and modify test cases without striking a blowing. The Action keyword in the HQ can be used to create and modify test cases effortlessly. What you need to do is to find the Action you need, and drag it into your Test Box, and then input the parameter to generate a complete test report in Redwood. There is an IDE(integrated development environment) where you can create, modify, and operate test cases. It is one of the user-friendly or tester-friendly platforms, focusing on the whole testing process of an important project.


51Testing-Four Python automated testing frameworks you should know!

Jasmine uses a behavior-driven development framework for JavaScript unit testing. It is suitable for anywhere using JavaScript. Except for JavaScript, it is used in Python and Ruby automated testing. Thus, it supports parallel running client-side and server-side testing cases. It is a perfect testing framework combined with client-side and server-side, which is taken as the future of the testing domain. It is ready-made available, without other external requirements but only a testing runner named Karma.


51Testing- Four Python automated testing frameworks you should know!

If your project is characterized by the small size and lower complexity, then Pytest is the most appropriate automated testing platform. It is enjoyed by many Python developers for unit testing. It is equipped with the acceptance testing ability that Robot Framework possesses. One of the best features of the Pytest is that it provides detailed failure information of test cases, enabling developers to correct the problem quickly. It is compatible with the latest version of Python, unittest, doctest, and nose. What’s more, it also has many more multifunctional plug-in and diversified existing test techniques and test cases. In fact, we can find more than 300 available plug-ins in the community. This platform is designed for simpler code with a lower error rate. You can use Pytest with a graphic user interfaces such as Seunium and Splinter to make tests easier.


For every programming language, there is no absolute ideal testing framework. It depends on the developers’ comfort, project requirement, and the tests required by the specific module. The available automated testing framework includes linear automation, module testing, function library framework testing, hybrid test, keyword-driven, and data-driven testing, etc. Each framework has its advantages and disadvantages. The Python frameworks mentioned above are the automated framework with the most comprehensive performance.




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