How to effectively test mobile games?

how to effectively test mobile games
how to effectively test mobile game
the difference between mobile game testing and app testing
  1. There are differences between mobile game automated testing and App automated testing.
the testing points of mobile game testing

User interface

  • UI basis
  • UI panel
  • Interface stack
  • Multi-screen adaptation


The key indicator of mobile game performance is CPU usage, memory usage, traffic consumption, FPS (frames per second), and power consumption.

  • The main contradiction of mobile game testing is not the performance but the compatibility.
  • Performance testing should cover all functions
  • Performance testing is mainly about the use of test tools.
  • Performance testing is not important because we can improve performance by improving hardware configuration.
  • Performance testing can be executed in any environment.
  • The performance testing should be completed as soon as possible to find out the problem and fix it.
  • Testing in a production environment could cause dirty data.

Usability and user experience

  • Discover major problems in the early stages of the game.
  • Find the reason for the abnormal data in the novice stage.
  • Discover the potential optimization of the game.

Multi-players features

Nowadays, the multi-player/user feature is very common in mobile games. A need to test multi-player abilities is there and is naturally more challenging and requires the other end to perform as a real counterpart. For example, a typical case is that the game communicates with the backend server. In these cases, connectivity is essential and the synchronization between backend and devices that need to get information about the gameplay. There are tons of different scenarios you should be testing and many of those will severely impact the game’s experience, resulting in negative feedback and gets uninstalled by users.

Social integration

One of the great things about social media integration is it can fit any of several definitions. For mobile game developers, social media integration can mean using social media:


At present, more and more games are facing various security risks, such as static modification of files, dynamic modification of game logic, tampering protocols, game ID theft, malicious comments, etc.



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