How to Test A Video Streaming APP?

Live streaming platform technical architecture

The scene-setting of the live streaming platform is very simple, however, the logic behind is very complicated. The architecture with multi-platforms and multi-channels features supports the quality of live streaming.

live streaming software technical architecture
Live streaming platform technical architecture, by 51testing

The principle of live streaming

The traditional live streaming is to send the video recorded by the host to the server, and then the server will distribute it to the audience. Nowadays, live streaming is more than the host uses the terminal to broadcast the program, and the server takes charge of the user’s access and video distribution. This principle is more live streaming of mobile terminal.

  • Live streaming (the host side): the acquisition, beautifying process, encoding, and streaming;
  • Server-side processing: transcoding, recording, screenshots, content review;
  • Video player: audience side, streaming, decoding, and rendering.

Test points for live streaming software

The testing points of live streaming software are divided into four main areas, functional testing, performance testing, interface/usability testing, and compatibility testing.

Test points for live streaming software, by 51testing
Test points for live streaming software, by 51testing

Functional testing

For functional testing, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

Performance testing

The popularity of live streaming has brought massive users and massive server concurrency. Live stream applications bring more challenges to the server: larger data volume, higher concurrency, more realistic user login scenarios, and lower latency. Therefore, the pressure of the server is the test focus of the live streaming APP test.

Interface/usability testing

This test point is mainly to ensure that the user interface will provide users with corresponding access or browsing functions through the functions of the test object. Ensure that the user interface complies with a company or industry standards, including user-friendly, and usability testing. Test the user interface layout, whether the style meets the requirements, whether the text is correct, whether the page is sightly, whether the combination of text and pictures is perfect, whether the operation is friendly, etc.

Compatibility test

The compatibility test is the same checkpoint as all other mobile apps, such as compatibility with different mobile phones, operating systems, and screen sizes.



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