Mobile APP Testing丨A Complete Guide

A complete guide of mobile app testing — 51testing
A complete guide of mobile app testing — 51testing

Mobile applications can be divided into three categories:

  • Web APP
  • Native APP
  • Hybrid APP
the similarities and differences between web testing and app testing
Different types of applications testing methods-51testing

According to the characteristics of different types of applications, we summarize their test methods as follows.

  • Web App Testing
  • Native App Testing
  • Hybrid App Testing
the similarities and differences between web testing and app testing-51testing
the similarities and differences between web testing and app testing described by a 51testing expert

The difference between Web testing and APP testing

  • Similarities
  • Differences
  1. Performance testing
special testing for a mobile app-51testing
special testing for a mobile app

Special testing for mobile application

For mobile applications, it is often not enough to successfully complete all business function tests. When mobile applications are installed and used by a large number of users, many problems that were not anticipated at all will be exposed.

  • Excessive traffic usage
  • Excessive power consumption
  • Crash or flashback on some equipment terminals
  • Abnormal behavior after switching between multiple mobile applications
  • Unable to install or uninstall smoothly on some equipment terminals
  • Unable to be used normally in a weak network environment
  • The frequent occurrence of ANR(Application Not Responding) in the Android environment
  • When multiple apps are running backstage at the same time, will it affect normal functions if switching to the foreground alternately?
  • Does the alternate switching of multiple apps that require the same system resources affect normal functions, for example, there are two apps that need to play music, then during the alternate switching process, whether the music playing function is normal?
  • Answer calls while the app is running
  • Receive information when the App is running
  • System upgrade prompt when App is running
  • A system alarm event occurs when the App is running
  • Switch to low battery mode when the App is running
  • The third-party security software pops up an alarm when the App is running
  • A network switch occurs while the app is running, for example, switching from Wifi to 4G network, or from 4G network to 3G network, etc.
  • Compatibility of different operating systems, including Andoird and iOS;
  • Compatibility under mainstream device resolution;
  • Compatibility of mainstream mobile terminal models;
  • Compatibility with different language settings in the same operating system;
  • Compatibility under different network connections, such as Wifi, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA200, etc.;
  • On a single device, compatibility with mainstream popular apps, such as Facebook,Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc.
  • The traffic of the business operations performed by the App
  • The consumption of traffic when the App is running backstage
  • The traffic of the first startup after the App is installed
  • The size of the App installation package itself
  • The traffic required for in-app purchases or upgrades
  • Use data compression, especially for pictures.
  • Use optimized data format, for example, a JSON file with the same amount of information is smaller than an XML file.
  • When requiring both encryption and compression, it must be compressed first before encrypted.
  • Reduce the number of backstage calls triggered by a single GUI operation.
  • Only the necessary data is returned as much as possible.
  • Start using the client’s caching mechanism.
  • when the App is running but not performing business operations;
  • when the App is running and intensively performing business operations;
  • when the App is running backstage.
  • Scenarios where the system memory occupies more than 90%.
  • Scenarios where the system storage occupies more than 95%.
  • Scenarios where the flight mode is switched back and forth.
  • Scenarios where the App does not have certain system access control, for example, the App cannot access the album or address book due to privacy settings.
  • If you use the App for a long time, are there any abnormalities in system resources, such as memory leaks, the excessive number of links, etc?
  • Scenarios of ANR(application not responding).
  • Scenarios where the operating system time is earlier or later than the standard time.
  • Scenarios of time zone switching.
mobile app testing points with actual scenarios-51testing
mobile app testing points with actual scenarios

In the following part, we will combine some actual testing points with the scenarios below.

1. Crash

  • Device fragmentation: Due to the extreme diversity of devices, apps may behave differently on different devices.
  • Bandwidth limit: A network with poor bandwidth may not have enough fast response time for App.
  • Network switch: Switching between different networks may affect the stability of the App.
  • Memory management: The available memory is too low, or the use of unauthorized memory locations may cause the App to crash.
  • Overmuch users: Too many connections may cause the App crash.
  • Code error: New function that has not been tested may cause the App to crash in the production environment.
  • Third-party services: Ads or pop-up may cause App crash.
  • Installation procedure
  • After installation
  • Upgrade
  • Uninstallation
  • compatibility with common software
  • compatibility with the input method
  • compatibility with security software
  • compatibility with communication software
  • compatibility with competitive software


According to different technical architectures, mobile applications are mainly divided into three categories: Web App, Native App, and Hybrid App. The testing methods for these three types of applications are essentially GUI testing.



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