E-Commerce Testing丨How to Test an eCommerce Website?

E-Commerce testing-how to test an e-commerce website?-51testing
E-Commerce testing-how to test an e-commerce website?-51testing
  • According to the test types
  • According to the system architecture of the Ecommerce website
  • If the link is correct?
  • Is there any textual error?
  • Whether the product price is displayed correctly?
  • Performance and response speed test.
  • Concurrency testing such as the seckill function.
  • Purchase the same restricted product at the same time.
  • Concurrent operation of twice points redemption with the same account.
  • When submitting an order, whether there are multiple orders during concurrent operations.
  • content test
  • site structure
  • user environment
  • data verification
  • business test
  • response time,
  • data integrity
Ecommerce testing-homepage testing- shopping cart testing- payment gateway testing-51testing
Ecommerce testing-homepage testing- shopping cart testing- payment gateway testing-51testing

Homepage test

The homepage test is divided into two important modules, UI test, and search function test.

  • Whether the layout of the page is neat and beautiful?
  • Whether the information, text, and pictures of each product are displayed correctly?
  • Whether the pictures are deformed?
  • Whether it jumps to the correct page by clicking the link?
  • Whether there are empty links?
  • Whether the input box, drop-down box, multi-select box, button function, js animation effect are normal?
  • Whether the carousel diagram is normal when the mouse is hovering?
  • Whether the page loading speed is normal?
  • Whether it is compatible with different browsers, and whether it supports mobile terminal?
  • Whether the search function has a character type and length limit?
  • Whether there are prompt messages?
  • Whether we can match the correct information when entering the complete product information?
  • Whether there is a search history prompt when clicking the empty search box?
  • Whether there is any prompt information in the search box, whether the prompt information can be selected, whether the matching information can be displayed when clicking the prompt information?
  • Whether the required products can be displayed when entering the keyword?
  • Whether the products can be displayed when the search box is empty?
  • Whether there is a prompt when can not find the products? Is there a link to return to the homepage?

Shopping cart testing

  • Interface test
  • Functional test
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability test
  • Compatibility test
  • Delivery information
  • Commodity information
  • Invoice Information
  • Coupons and points
  • Order submission
  • Abnormal scenarios

Payment gateway testing

Payment functions are often involved in many software applications. The focus of the payment function test is whether there is a loss of assets and consistency of transactions.

  • The minimum amount of payment: such as $0.01
  • Amount without actual payment: such as an order of $0
  • Wrong payment amount: wrong format, wrong number (the payment amount is negative)
  • Maximum amount limit: For some payment gateway, there is a payment maximum limit.
  • The balance is less than the actual amount to be paid.
  • The payment amount exceeds the daily consumption amount limit or a single consumption amount limit.
  • Biometric payment (Fingerprint payment)
  • Password-free payment
  • Account + password payment
  • Get payment verification code dynamically
  • Bank card number + password binding payment
  • How to deal with refunds?
  • What if the network is disconnected during payment?
  • How to replace the order or refund the order after the payment fails?
  • If the payment amount is insufficient, can the customer continue to pay after recharging?
  • Whether there will be multiple deductions if keep clicking?
  • If multiple deductions occur, how to refund the payment account?



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