How to Become A Game Tester? |Tutorial &Beginner’s Guide of Game Testing (2)

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After learning the members and their division of work in the game development team, we are going to figure out the main job of a game tester and the basic workflow of game testing.

3. What is the main job of a game tester?

The role and main work of game tester in a game development team.
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1). Functional testing

  • Functional testing is the most common mode of game testing, the main testing method is black box testing
  • Functional testing is mainly used to verify whether the function meets the requirement design
  • Functional testing mainly focus on the correctness of the function instead of considering the underlying code structure and code errors of the game
  • Functional testing usually starts with the interface and tries to simulate the possible operations of the user.

2). Performance testing of client-side

We need to monitor the following data:

  • CPU utilization of client-side
  • Memory utilization of client-side
  • Network traffic of client-side
  • Power consumption of client-side
  • Frame per second of client-side

Monitoring tools:

  • IOS: The instrument that comes with Xcode
  • Android: Emmage and GT (both open-source tools, you may need to root your phone)

3). Stress test of server-side

  • CPU utilization of server-side
  • Memory utilization of server-side
  • System Throughput (TPS)
  • Transaction response time
  • Transaction success rate

4). Compatibility test (mobile game)

  • Model adaptation test
  • Operating system compatibility test
  • Screen resolution compatibility test
  • Game version compatibility test

5). Security test

  • Memory modification test
  • Encryption test of client-side
  • Decompilation test of client-side
  • Cyber Security Testing

6). Interface test

  • Data test of each interface of the server, mainly through tools
  • Interface security test, repeat the request, check the interface processing

7). Log test

  • Client log
  • Server log

8). Weak network test

  • Different network conditions, game operation conditions, such as edge, 2g, 3g, 4g conditions
  • The operation of the game under different packet loss
  • Realize by setting network proxy through tools, commonly used fiddler, network link conditioner

9). GM tools test

  • To test the function of the GM tools, you need to pay attention to the setting of the tool in the game
  • Data reading and storage of GM tools test

10). SDK test

  • User data testing
  • Recharge, consumption test
  • Docking test with various channels

4. The basic workflow of game testing

The basic workflow of game testing.
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1). Have a meeting about functions

  • Understand the functional requirements
  • Put out possible risk points
  • Think about the key points and difficulties of functional testing. If you need tool assistance, you need to put forward development requirements
  • Think about the areas that can be optimized and propose discussions

2). Test cases writing

  • Write test cases based on requirements
  • Focus on functional logic implementation
  • Pay attention to various special situations, such as boundary values, network interruptions, process interruptions, etc.
  • Pay attention to changes in requirements and adjust test cases need in time.

3). Smoke test

  • A link before detailed testing
  • Quickly find out obvious bugs
  • Quickly ensure the fluent operation of main logic flow·
  • Quickly clarify the function status

4). Detailed test

  • Carefully test each logical branch, resource, and configuration
  • Try to simulate every possible operation of the player
  • Test abnormal conditions, such as breakpoints, network disconnection, event interruption, process interruption, etc.
  • Test data reading, storage, network

5). Regression test

6). CheckList

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