51Testing provided IoT testing services for a bathroom manufacturing company

3 min readNov 27, 2020

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The bathroom manufacturing company is a traditional bathroom accessories manufacturer, producing and selling a full range of bathroom products such as toilets, bathtubs, shower heaters, showers, etc. which enjoys a high reputation in the markets. Since 2017, the manufacturer has been committed to applying IoT technology and AI technology to bathroom accessories. New technologies have brought amazing changes to traditional accessories, and they have also made accessories more and more complex, and have brought new challenges to quality assurance.

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The quality inspection of smart bathroom accessories involves a variety of new technologies such as IoT chips, artificial intelligence algorithms, device interaction, character interaction, object interaction, cloud control, etc. To adapt to the new challenge, a professional testing team is necessary. While the company encountered two problems:

  • There are many types of test talents needed, such as performance test engineers, functional test engineers, security test engineers, RF test engineers, etc. The cost of such a completely professional team is very high.
  • The research and development and production of the bathroom accessories are planned according to market demand. Therefore, there is a large demand for testers in the new product delivery stage, less demand for testers in normal times. That’s to say, the demand for personnel fluctuates greatly.

In order to ensure the quality of the product and reduce the cost of testing, in April, the company invited a number of professional testing service providers to the factory for technical exchanges and outsourced the project by open tendering. After strict evaluation, the company finally selected the 51Testing offshore testing center of BWF as its long-term testing partner.

After receiving the requirements from the company,51Testing offshore testing center completed the team building and business familiarization within one week and allocated testing experts for technical support according to the system architecture including functional testing expert, performance testing expert, security testing expert, and RF testing expert. In addition to the complete functional test and compatibility test of a single device, multi-dimensional special tests are also covered.

The Internet of Thing (IoT) testing service provided for a bathroom manufacturing company by 51Testing.
Internet of thing (IoT) testing service-51testing-software testing

As of July 2019, 51Testing has successfully tested 15 devices for the company including 3 devices put on the U.S. market.

Through three months of sincere cooperation, the technical strength and service capabilities of the 51Testing have been fully recognized by the company. The company stated that all their subsequent new product testing work will be handed over to 51Testing and invite the 51Testing to participate in the testing work of commercial products for the European Union.

Relying on 16 years in the field of software testing and project experience in various industries, 51Testing can not only provide professional and comprehensive software testing services, but also help companies shorten the time to market and reduce test cost, ensure product quality, and provide solutions of test talents and technology. Up to now, 51Testing has provided high-quality technical support and offshore testing services for many fields including finance, communications, games, real estate, artificial intelligence(AI), Internet of Things(IoT), big data, smart cities, and security management, etc.

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