51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network and Happy Element

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51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network and Happy Element
51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network and Happy Element

Recently, 51Testing has reached cooperation with two game companies, Giant Network Inc and Happy Element Inc.

The flourishing development of the game industry has brought a total of 660 million Chinese game players in 2020, which is more than 23 million than that in 2019 with an increment rate of 3.7%. The new generation of Chinese players is becoming mature. Their demand for gameplay, frame, IP, plot, and emotion has promoted game developers to make quality games, enhance the gaming experience to meet the needs of players. And this requires professional talents to perform testing works.

51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network and Happy Element
51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network.

Giant Network Inc adheres to the strategy of developing competitive products for players. The company independently develops many popular and well-enjoyed quality games, such as DOUBLE WORLD and Battle of Balls. The game DOUBLE WORLD created a free business model, pioneered innovative gameplay such as automatic wayfinding and monster fighting, which were imitated by many other game companies. While the game BATTLE OF BALLS, with a total of 600 million installs, created a new category of casual sports games.

51Testing provided game testing services for Giant Network and Happy Element
51Testing provided game testing services for Happy Element

Founded in 2009, HAPPY ELEMENT is a well-known interactive entertainment company with the main business of game development and operation, including animation works, licensed products, music, concerts, radio dramas, etc.

The company is headquartered in Beijing, with offices and R&D centers in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Kyoto. It has nearly 700 employees all over the world.

HAPPY ELEMENT owns many best-selling games such as HAPPY FISH, ANIPOP, SUMMER POP, MERC STORIA, ENSEMBLE STARS, and animation of IDOL MEMORIES and cartons brands ANIPOP CLUB. ANIPOP is very popular among players.

The Testing Pain Points of Game Companies

  • High testing difficulty

The fierce competition of games leads to the high cost of players. With the higher and higher demand for game quality from players, any little bugs will make player retention more and more difficult.

  • High testing cost

The fragmentation of terminals brings a high cost of testing devices investment. While the long terms of the testing period bring high cost of personnel and time.

  • Hard to hire testers

The fluctuation of testing demand makes it difficult to manage the tester's numbers. And the different requirements of tester levels make it hard to match the existent testers and the project.

About 51Testing

17 years in software testing, 51Testing adheres to provide one-stop software testing solutions combined with human resource outsourcing, testing tools, consultant, and testers training.

  • Professional testing team

20+ top testing experts, 12 senior automation testing engineers. For each project, we will have an exclusive project manager and build a professional team to meet the accurate requirements of customers

A professional and stable testing service team of more than 300 engineers. 80% of them are with working years of more than 2 years, 10% of them are certificated engineers, 10% of them are testing experts with more than 8 years experience in software testing.

We have local offices in the first-tier and second-tier cities in China, so we can quickly respond to the needs of customers and dispatch professional testing talents for them.

  • A large pool of testers resources

51Testing(#com) is the biggest testing engineers recruitment website in China. With millions of registered members, more than 10 thousand resumes storage, we can provide testing engineers at different levels to achieve high-efficiency talents integration.

  • Complete testing tools

With strong independent tools development ability, 51Testing can provide a full range of in-depth customized services including testing tools deployment of the full life circle of software development and subsequent technical support.

  • A perfect testers training system

We organize testing training regularly to improve the testing ability, business knowledge, and project management ability of the team, and provide engineers with multiple system environments to learn and operate.

They All Choose 51Testing as Their Game Testing Partner.

Flexibility, efficiency, and low cost are the service concept we insist on. With more than 17 years in software testing, we are committed to providing professional game testing services to help our customers to impress the market with the best games. Up to now, we have helped Shenqu Games, Lilith Games, Yoozoo, Moonton, and Bilibili to implement acceptance and compatibility testing services and project outsourcing services, which not only help the customers solve the talents volatility and also reduces test costs and improves test efficiency.

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